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Schools of Yellowknife

Yellowknife has many schooling options throughout the city. The school districts will provide you with information on what each has to offer, whether language or culture. Additionally, we have attached a link to a map of each school in the city. This should allow you to understand where each school is in relation to your home.

School Districts

Yellowknife Education District No. 1

5402 50 Ave, Yellowknife, NT
(867) 766-5050

Yellowknife Catholic Schools

5124 49 St, Yellowknife, NT
(867) 873-4888

Yellowknife Montessori

5212 52nd St, Yellowknife, NT
(867) 669-7987

Commission scolaire francophone des Territoires du Nord-Ouest

4920 51 St, Yellowknife, NT
(867) 873-6555


Aurora College | Map


NJ MacPherson | K-5 | Map

JH Sissons | K-5 French Immersion | Map

Range Lake North | K-5 | Map

Mildred Hall | K-8 | Map

St. Joseph School | K-8 English/French Immersion | Map

Weledeh School | K-8 | Map

William MacDonald | 6-8 English/French Immersion | Map

Ecole Allain St-Cyr | K-12 French | Map

St. Patrick High School | 9-12 French/English | Map

Sir John Franklin High School | 9-12 English/French Immersion | Map


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