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Maclean’s Profiles Yellowknife [VIDEO]

Maclean’s produced a great article and video on Yellowknife. They have highlighted it as one of the top places to see in Canada. Featuring wonderful video and photographs, this video is even narrated by some of the best local ambassadors. Have a watch of the video below or take read of the article and view […]


Quick Guide to Long John Jamboree 2014

What thrills me the most about the Long John Jamboree is the enthusiasm the board and all the volunteers have for the events. We are going into our 3rd Jamboree and it is stronger than ever. Winter festivals are a time to celebrate the coming of spring and they have been happening for as long […]


Convoy For A Cause 2014 [PHOTOS]

The Convoy For A Cause is in association with the Law Enforcement Torch Run and in support of the Northwest Territories Special Olympics. Each year several semi-truck drivers and owners congregate and parade through town in support of this cause. In order to enter into the convey participants raise money through donations to the NWT […]


Construction of the Northern United Place [PHOTOS]

The Yellowknife skyline is very notable. Maybe not as much as New York, Chicago or Toronto, but it is still noticeable and surprising to many. Many first time visitors are often surprised by the amount of tall buildings Yellowknife has. For reasons I have never really understood several tall buildings were erected in the 1970′s. […]


Yellowknife 35th Best Place to Live in Canada for 2014

Money Sense has released its list of the Best Places to Live in Canada for 2014 and named Yellowknife 35th. The top spot for best place to live in Canada went to St Albert, Alberta. Yellowknife did however rank 10 spots better than Whitehorse, Yukon, which has a lower average income but a higher household […]


Yellowknife Instagram: Feb 17, 2014

I was out snowmobiling and ice fishing over the weekend and I was loving every minute of it. I’m sure I share the feeling with many, but right now I’m feeling like we have broke through a long cold stretch and can now enjoy winter the way it was meant to be. Maybe enjoying winter […]

Betty House Webcam

Watch the Betty House be built live

I just came around this webcam of the Betty House being built. A webcam was setup by the City of Yellowknife of the construction of the women’s transitional home that is currently being built on 54 Street next to Aurora College. You can find out more information on the Betty House at or view the live webcam […]


Yellowknife Inspired Gloves [VIDEO]

Yellowknife has a pair of work gloves, or rather Yellowknife has inspired a pair of work gloves. Duluth Trading is a trades supply store that was started in 1991 and sells everything from clothing, gloves, footwear and tools. In the video the narrator claims that Yellowknife’s average January temperature is -17. He doesn’t however specific […]


Driving the new Highway – Ingraham Trail Access

Today was the day that the new addition to Highway 4, better known as the Ingraham Trail opened. The new access point to get to the Ingraham Trail and all of its territorial parks and amazing fishing spots is now in between Fred Henne Territorial Park and the NTPC turn off. I took a gander […]


Big Brothers, Big Sisters comes to Yellowknife

Big Brothers, Big Sisters is a non-profit organizations that has been around for over 100 years.  Claire Smith, the program coordinator for the  new Yellowknife charter of Big Brothers, Big Sisters, contacted me about sharing the news that Big Brother, Big Sisters is now in Yellowknife. We put together the below Q&A. If you feel […]


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